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I love visiting places that I call #hiddenlondon and came across the disused station in September walking around the Strand.


And found a tour here – lucky for me I had a day off as they normally open during the week as it is much cheaper. The group numbered about twenty five and we entered the station.



The station opened in 1907 as the Strand. Three lift shafts were drilled, but only one was installed with lifts. Apart from a short-lived late-night service for theatre-goers, the line never operated through trains to Strand, running a shuttle service to and from Holborn station. The station was renamed Aldwych in 1915 to avoid confusion with the Charing Cross station which changed its name to Strand during the same period. The number of commuters was far less than anticipated, and the second track closed in 1917. The station was closed during WWII for use as an air-raid shelter and the disused platform and running tunnel provided storage for artefacts from the British Museum. The station closed in 1994 due to the cost of renewing lift machinery, and since then has been used for filming and events. Such as Sherlock, Fast and Furious Six, Atonement are just a few.



We visited the lift shafts and then made our way down to the two platforms, and its very eerie. There was a breeze and it just felt different, but when are you every going to visit somewhere like this. Its a really unique tour to experience.





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