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We went to Jimmy’s farm in Ipswich during the summer holidays with my nephew and niece. We hoped that we had picked a sunny day but we instead grey skies and rain. You just can not trust the British weather. This was such a shame. We arrived after a fifty minute drive.


Jimmy’s Farm is not a typical farm. The site comprises of a Working Farm, Wildlife Park, Adventure Play, Shops, Gardens, Restaurant, a Farm Shop and Butchery. We started at feeding the horses, then moving onto the goats and lambs. They are all so greedy !

farm farm

We saw ducklings getting ready for the rain and baby rabbits that were so cute !

farm farm

A family of meerkats – not normally found at a farm. But then Jimmy’s Farm is not your typical farm.

farm farm

As the rain came, we went off to the Butterfly House but came across some gorgeous reindeers.


And lots of butterflies !

farm farm farm

Some emu’s and fighting wallaby’s.


And then the pigs, who had the most sense staying inside and sleeping !

We then went to the Woodland and they ended up making a den before finishing walking around and coming across various animals !

It was a lovely time. My advice pick a sunny day, were comfy shoes and take your own lunch. Plenty of places to sit down and eat and saves you money !

You can find more out from visiting the website here

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