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Deciem Hylamide products I have brought to try and see how they work on my rosacea skin. This brand I trust their science. And see if theses work for me. These were brought in 2020.

Hylamide Sub Q Skin

I was going to repurchase Amino Acids and B5. And came across this. A highly active concentrate of advanced hyaluronic complexes, next-generation peptides and bio technologies to target rehydration, while improving the look of lines, wrinkles and textural damage.I asked online question about both – Justyna at Deciem replied;

Animo acids offers you hydration and repair. When SubQ targets rehydration while improving the look of fine lines. If your skin is just dry or dehydrated but you don’t need to concentrate of lines then Animo Acids B5 are better. If you do have same lines then SubQ is better.

Deciem Hylamide

I really like this and so does my face. If I buy again, I will use the NIOD pumps, just not getting on with dropper bottles.

Hylamide Pore Control Booster

In the booster section, I found this. I wanted to try this, as it is has niacinamide and peptides. Concentrated treatments for specialized or seasonal supplementary care. Pores appear to disappear quickly both in number and size with this biotechnology derivative from a very bitter mushroom. Polymeric derivatives from marine algae balance out the shiny appearance associated with congested skin types, without drying out the skin. Encourages both the look and feeling of skin purity for a comfortable surface. Two peptide technologies (chains of amino acids) improve skin texture appearance without the added shine that normally results with alternative skin renewal methods. I do not have any problems with pores, and I did not like this product, so not repurchasing.

Deciem Hylamide

Hylamide Booster, Sensitive Fix

With patented marvel of peru and pH-balancing golden-eye grass complex. Targeted serum for skin sensitivity to reduce signs of irritation and redness. I am willing to try anything to sort out my sensitivity. Have not tried this yet. I am waiting for the time, after illness when my face is sore and irritated. Then i can give this a good test.

Deciem Hylamide

Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner

This highly-efficient, balancing micro-emulsion brings together oils, esters and water-compatible cleaners into one advanced formula that works like an oil cleaner but acts like a water-based one. In a single step, oils of Mediterranean Crambe and East Asian Kanuga work with plant-derived esters to delete every trace of impurity, face- and eye-makeup. As you rinse off, sustainably-sourced Amazonian oils together with purified tomato carotids leave behind an innocuous layer of comfortable, non-comedogenic hydration. Unlike traditional oil cleaners, this advanced micro-emulsion does not require using a towel or mitt to clean the face as it rinses off efficiently with water in a single step. This was fine, but strange to use and has a distinct smell. Too off putting for me, not repurchasing.

Deciem Hylamide

Hylamide Sub Q Mist

I have been trying to get hold of this product since the summer of 2020. I picked it up during the Black Friday month and starting using in mid December. Packaging and price no problem. But the product has a distinct smell, that I could not get on with. I am not irritated with the toner. I am not repurchasing this either.

Would I repurchase any of these products. More than likely, just the SubQ skin. It works so well on my rosacea skin. I will always keep my eye on this brand. These products were just hit and miss for me.

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