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Curls in 2023. I was so pleased to find that Only Curls had brought out a fragrance free range But two weeks in, something irritated my scalp. This was a pity but you have to use things that work for you.

Dream Team

These six products worked so well on my curls in 2023. Only problem, two have been discontinued. Both these Smooth Infusions have been withdrawn.

Annual Summer Hair Cut

I had my annual cut at a salon local to me, that I have visited before. Forgot to take a photo but this was the same day. Did not know that my white curls were coming through so much. This is my curls without any styling products in them. As if I have a dry cut this is how my hairdresser wants this.

A period of illness, and I tried these three Aveda Botanical range with their styling products. And I just love them. I am going to use this range once a fortnight or month.

And on a recent visit to Braintree Village, I found the discontinued Aveda styling products I liked. So of course I brought them.  During the year, I brought larger sizes of my favourite Shampoo and Conditioner. I worked out costing and brought when they were offer, and I can pick and mix all my Aveda cleaning and styling products.

Curls in 2023



Again just photos, the shampoos, conditioners, styling and treatment products. I never thought I would find a gel that I liked but I do like the Aveda one. I am so close to finishing a few more styling products but being knocked out with shingles I was unable to look after my hair so much during the autumn.

Curls in 2023


My favourite used products on my curls in 2023. These I will repurchase until they start to stop working. I just love what they do  to my curls.

Curls in 2023

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