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Noughty Haircare is brand my hair loves. I first tried using these travel minis


And my curly hair loved these. These products made my curls more defined less frizzy. I was so impressed I brought more things from the brand. And found that my hair was not working with conditioner. It preferred a leave in conditioner. So I stopped using this and just used three products. In the New Year, with the usual onset of illnesses, my hair was still feeling thin, but my scalp was so itchy. After finishing To The Rescue shampoo. So I started using the Care Take shampoo in conjunction with the shampoo and this works. Every two washes, I use  the Detox Dynamo shampoo as this is a clarifying one. This removes build-up and residue caused by urban pollution, hard water, chlorine or styling products. As I use a leave in conditioner and mousse every time. This is the reason and my hair works well with three of these shampoos so far.



I love the Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner, I am not a fan of the Thirst Aid Leave In Spray. I felt that this did nothing for me. This is all the treatments that I have brought to try. Some have worked, so not. It is all trial and error especially with curly hair. So far what I will repurchase:

  • Detox Dynamo Shampoo
  • Care Taker Shampoo
  • To The Rescue Shampoo
  • Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner
  • Care Taker Scalp Tonic



All Noughty products are 100% Vegan and leaping bunny approved. All are cruelty free. and are free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates, all at an affordable price. This brand, I can find in my local Sainsburys and Boots, I got a few bargains when I have visited. This is a brand that I love and it ticks all the boxes for me, affordable, cruelty free, and more importantly they work and do not irritate my scalp. This is going to be repurchased again and again I believe. It ticks all my boxes !


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