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My father and his partner recently took a cruise called British Isles Discovery with Cruise and Martime Voyages. This was their itinerary;

I asked a few questions;

What made you book the cruise ?

I always wanted to go on a cruise but my partner was not keen but I persuaded her as this was around the UK. And if she likes it, then they might go on more in the future. I am fed up with airports and flying and coach trips.

She had already told me that if she really did not like, she would get off and get a train home.  And going around the UK, she would have no problem or complications as she would be in the UK.

Was the price good ?

The cruise deal we got, was a buy one get one free. So this worked out about £700 each.

What are you looking forward too ?

The boat, the food and the entertainment, I am not too bothered about the places.

The following are the photos I was sent as they travelled around the British Isles

Boarding the Columbus at Tilbury Dock

First day at Honfleur in France

The tender taking us back to the Columbus

3rd day St Peters Port, Guernsey

Hugh Town, Isles Of Sicilly


Titanic in Belfast, very good !

Kirkwall, Orkneys

Did you enjoy the cruise ?

It was fantastic, one of the best holidays I’ve had. The last day, we had a delay because of the storm. But we just cruised around the North Sea.

What did you like most from the trip

The boat entertainment, the food, visiting Isle Of Scilly, Guernsey and Titanic in Belfast. Liked the cruise so much I booked another one for next year to visit the Norwegian Fjords.

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