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This cruise was to Norway and to see the Fjords. My father and his partner again took this cruise. This is somewhere that is on my list and is looks beautiful. I was invited on this cruise, but it was a week after Belgium and I knew my body would not be able to deal with another trip yet. Again I asked him a few questions.  Now my dad is very close to seventy and this cruise leaves from London Tilbury. This is perfect for them and they take a taxi from their home in the east. I have been told about this cruise company from people of a senior age and they do lots of deals for solo passengers. This is something to bookmark for future travels when I am older. I do like the idea of this cruise.

Was it a good cruise ?

It is a lovely boat, food in abundant and entertainment good.

Would you recommend this cruise?

Yes, the Fjords and Bergen are a sight to see. You would love it !

Was it a good deal price wise ?

Yes, it was another buy one, get one free price. Bargain really !

Any excursions this time ?

No too expensive for me.

What did you like best this time ?

Bergen, I prefer cities to scenery and it is a very old town full of wooden buildings in peculiar shapes.

These are his photos from the cruise.

Eidfjord, Norway



Geiranger, Norway



Bergen, Norway

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I just love the look of this Macdonalds and how they have be made to blend into the look of the Norwegian Fjords. These photos have made looking forward to visiting the  Fjords. The cruise was taken at the end of August. But the weather does not look warm enough for me. So may have to go earlier in the summer period.  Similar cruises can be found on the official website here.

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