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Apothaka has a few stables in my beauty regime. I first started with SOS Nail Recovery and it was amazing for my nails until my illness took hold of me. I then went to order other items and they stayed in my beauty cupboard.


The rebalancing cleansing oil I used to remove my sun protection in the summer. I have never used an oil to clean my face before. But this oil felt amazing on my skin. The fragrance was lovely and not too over powering. There is a fragrance free if you prefer. It isn’t too aggressive and my skin does not feel dry afterwards. This will definitely be part of my summer skincare regime.


The rejuvenating facial oil I was excited to use. This again felt amazing. This contains a range of protective ingredients including hempseed oil, evening primrose, sea buckthorn and co-enzyme Q10. All things that are really good for the skin. I was very impressed with both the oil and the ingredients that I researched. It felt very nice but I am not sure I like any oils for my skin. I am on the fence with this type of product.

Then I wanted to try the barrier support system serum. This contains  5% niacinamide, ceramide complex and hyaluronic acid. Again, all good things for your skin. This is a potential long term purchase as it felt amazing on my rosacea skin.

I just love these products, I can not recommend them enough. They are so well made and have worked so well for my face and I hope to always have some in my life. I just have to finish up other things before I can re buy them. This is Apothaka mantra;

– beneficial ingredients which support a healthy skin barrier

– unique formulations with purpose, which are results driven

– fresh products, handcrafted regularly in small batches

– lightweight textures which are less likely to clog pores

– elegant aroma blends which are a treat for the senses (+ fragrance free range!)

– cruelty free, vegan friendly and free from fear – no outlandish claims!

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