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My mum and I had decided to visit Hampton Court Palace, unknown to us the date we had picked was one of the hottest in June in 2017. But we went ahead. Little tip, I was told to visit on a Sunday and as we were driving. I was told to park at Hampton Court railway station car park (found behind the railway) and you pay £2 for the whole time you are parked there. So thanks to my friend that is what we did. A five minute walk across the Thames and then you arrive.

We decided to head out towards some of the gardens, as knowing that the temperature was rising, they would be pretty uncomfortable as the day went on. We did pop in various rooms that we passed.

And then we came across the Great Fountain Garden which is beautiful. And where I found a beautiful clematis.

And where I saw these horses being used for carriage rides later in the day !

I did say it was beautiful !

Some of my favourite places was the Chocolate Room, the King’s staircase and the King’s Guard Chamber – just look at all the weapons !

This is another beautiful garden called the Privy Garden.

All set up for the summer concerts. We exited via the Kitchens, when everyone else was entering.

We stopped for our lunch in the Rose Garden.

Before having a delicious ice cream. I seem to be having a lot of them lately. I have one nearly every day in Slovenia.

This is the Tiltyard Garden which was used for jousting, wrestling and sporting tournaments. Now a perfect picnic spot.

Before ending our time at the Kitchen Garden. I have no idea why but I love visiting kitchen gardens.

I had a lovely few hours here. The heat of the day went against us.

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