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Today feels like a mistake. I woke up at 3am, when my alarm was set for 3.45am. I am questioning myself why can’t my mind ever play ball. I am in two minds about doing this trip. I know that there is no time later on in the year to fit this trip in. So at 3.45am, I wake my husband up and ask him. He says despite having a motorbike accident less than a week ago, we are going to Berlin. Stansted airport is packed at 4.30am. We go straight to Coast to Coast for breakfast. My husband is a fan, me not so much. Last time, I tried smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. This time, it was just scrambled eggs. Next time I am just going for toast. Then when we get to our departure gate, and I have lost my boarding pass, things just not going to plan. Caught up a little sleep but not much at all, less than thirty minuites. Then within the hour we have landed at Berlin Schönefeld airport. Which is not very nice, smells of urine, and lots of rubbish. We caught the train into the city. Only EUR 3.60 each and within thirty minutes we are there. Our hotel was easy to find at Alexanderplatz, we left our bags and went off to sight see. Things that surprised me was the cigarettes so many and all the renovation work going on.


And I mean there is so much work going on. We walked down the to see the Brandenburg Gate, and find the Reichstag Building.


Then I wanted to find the ‘Trains To Life, Trains To Death’ by Frank Meisler. I do like these statues I hope to see the final two in Rotterdam and Prague one day !


We popped into Macdonalds and tried an amazing banana McMinions McFlurry.


Then we decided to make our way back to check into our hotel to rest up and sleep. Our medication that we are both on, has had us sleeping every afternoon in the past week, yet we still sleep for over 7 hrs each night aswell. And we walked back along passing the University.


And seeing the Berliner Dom, such a beautiful place. But I was not prepared to pay EUR 30 for both of us to enter. That was my first day in Berlin. We popped out for a light dinner, then back to bed to save some energy for our only full day here.

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