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To travel to Xi’an, we were taking a bullet train. I was hoping that it would be the bullet train as I always wanted to try one. And then I was hoping that it would be first class. But first we went to the Beijing Railway Station.

bullet train bullet train bullet train bullet train

And do you see the ramp on the right hand side. Our groups luggage was put on three trolleys and then went down that ramp. When I first saw the first trolley go down, my first thought was health and safety. They would not allow anything like this in the UK. But it was fun to watch !

bullet trainbullet trainbullet train

I was a little disappointed to find that we were in the second class carriages. Next time I going first class. And these seats turn around so you are always facing forwards !

bullet train

The Chinese are lovely people but can not queue like the British. So you can imagine the commotion going on here. 

bullet train

And it was not long after we left that we reached this speed. Everyone was like me, taking this shot. I was really hoping to fall asleep as I knew that the journey time was five hours and twenty five minutes. But I only got fifteen minutes. Everyone else in the group was asleep for most of the journey. I really enjoyed watching the view of China from the window. They have invested so much in stations and the railways. I love this image !

bullet train

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