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The Plaza Hotel in Beijing was not my cup of tea. That is the problem, when you book a tour, you are restricted to staying where the holiday company wants you too.

Our twin room did not have a view, the fridge was broken, and the room was too hot. The hotel looked rundown and needed some work done on it.

We had breakfast in every hotel on the tour. At this hotel, it was hit and miss. The hotel was fully booked and you guess it everyone went to breakfast the same time. And you can not fit everyone in. And the other thing, I hardly saw any wait staff. So when a table was finished with, you would have to go searching to find cutlery. Not what I was expecting at all.

The best and worst thing about this hotel was where it was. Close to the Shilihe Subway. You can find a KFC, Macdonalds, pharmacy, newsagent and cake shop with the most delicious cakes.

And if you turn left after leaving the hotel and walk 400 metres, you find a supermarket where you can buy supplies. This was a fun experience !

This hotel was adequate, but I would never stay here again. When I go back to Beijing, I am picking our hotel !

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