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For our next special birthdays, I have special trips planned. For myself with my birthday in the summer I hope to be staying in the Tree Hotel and spend a night in the ‘birdnest’. I have wanted to stay here in the middle of the forest surrounded by trees but staying some totally unique and special. I really hope this happens and if we do go, the weather is good.

special trips

And my husband’s birthday in the winter, I will book a night stay in an igloo in Kakslauttan in Finland. And think about the husky dog sleigh ride what an experience on a special birthday trip. This would be amazing, how beautiful does this look. I just hope that you are not too cold in those igloos.

special trips

These special birthday trips will be unique and so expensive. But then you only have special birthday once. So why not pay out for an experience that you will never forget. I can only book these if my health is improved. But I can not wait to book these and share with my husband. Lets hope we live to experience these !

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