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I am only going to fly from Stansted airport in the future. This airport is slowly getting bigger and more airlines I like are being based here. I still collect Avios but I am less inclined to fly with British Airways any time soon. And travelling over an hour to Gatwick and Heathrow just does not appeal to me anymore.


Most of the places that I would love to explore, I only need to go to Stansted. There might be the very odd trip that I would have to travel to the other side of London. But where I live in Essex, I can be home within twenty five minutes. Getting through the airport is easier for me too. I have a disability band, and I now have to have a wheelchair to get to the airport gates as I can not walk to them anymore. Having experienced this at Heathrow airport I know I do not want to have to go through that again. I love that Emirates have increased their departures to now two a day from July 2019  And if I am well enough to travel long haul, my heart is in Asia. Emirates destinations for UK travellers such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Male, Seychelles, Bali, Singapore, Colombo, Bangalore and Bangkok all fall within an approximate two and half hour connection time. Does that not sound just perfect. I have been to Dubai before and found the airport connections seamless and less hectic than what we have at Heathrow. And my mum has also said she will now only use Stansted for her annual trip to Australia to see my sister. She tried it this January and was impressed.

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