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Wheat free food is something I am having to adapt to. This was one of early shopping hauls, this one from Asda. So far, the pies are okay. The Safari biscuits too. The pasta, noodles and rice are edible but do taste complete different to what I am used to.


Wheat Free New Staples

My favourite things to snack on are these Tesco products. I love snacking on their special flakes, that taste like Kellogg’s Special K and the mini double chocolate muffins taste like an old version of Marks & Spencer muffins. They are both delicious and I will always have them in my cupboard.


Supermarket Finds

I continued to try the gluten free ranges at other supermarkets. This was my Sainsbury one. The quiche was fine but I think I will be able to make my own. The lemon tart was delicous and I will be buying this again. The chocolate cake was too rich for my sweet tooth. The yorkshire puddings seem to lack something and I have been advised to try Morrison’s one by a friend.

This is one of the shelves at my local Marks and Spencer Food store but most things I see are cakes, biscuits things I would not normally buy. I ended up only buying the white loaf and the new york cheesecake and this came to over £8. But both items were delicious and I would buy them again.

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I then turned to the internet and found Honeybuns Bakery and The Wheat Free Bakery

Honeybuns, I unfortunately I was not a fan of but my husband loved them. So they will be a repeat purchase. The Wheat Free Bakery, well this order came a day late and the doughnuts were ruined for me. I have tried the bread and scones and did enjoy them. The rolls and lemon cake are in the freezer were not bad. So I will be returning them to buy other things too.

This was my local Morrison’s, not a bad section. And I only brought these items.

These my mum found in Aldi.

Churchills, my local fish and chip shop do gluten free on a Monday and Tuesday night. They are a little more expensive but at least I can still have fish and chips occasionally.

wheat free

I am not a fan of a lot of the gluten or wheat free food. Even after my detox, it is still a struggle not to want to eat things like fresh bread. But this is my new life and I just have to get on with it. And something else that I am annoyed with, is that I have to go to multiple different shops to get items that I like. I do not like this either. I would love an online shop that listed everything and maybe there may well be.

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