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The recent trip was my second visit. This time, I went with friends and we went via the train and the Harry Potter Shuttle Bus. What surprised my friends and I were the amount of children that were going in – shouldn’t children be at school during the week ? The journey from Euston Station took about 30 mins and that was a faster train – this cost just over £10 and then the shuttle bus cost £2 – return. You enter into a foyer, including a cafe, free cloakroom, gift shop. If you do intend to visit, you have to pre-book your tickets. HP2

You enter to watch a short video explaining about the origin of the film series, before you again moved to another cinema to watch and introduction by the three main stars, Daniel, Emma and Rupert. You then enter the Great Hall. This shows the costumes of each of the houses and the teachers


You then proceed to walk to another section, where they showcase various mini sets from the films. They have too many to mention, but you can imagine – there is eight films worth. For my memory, there is the Yule Dance, Ministry Of Magic Fire Places, The Dorm Rooms, The Hogwarts Gates, The Leaky Cauldron, Dumbledore’s Office, Potions Classroom, Gringotts Vault Door, Hagrid’s Hut, The Burrow, The Deatheaters, to name a few. You are also able to ride a broomstick, and have official photographs done in the Ford Anglia and the broomstick with various backgrounds – these photos sell at £8 per photo – its 5 x 7 size print. You then proceed to go outside to see the Knight Bus, Privet Drive House, Hogwarts Bridge – you can also taste Butterbeer – I found it too sweet.


You then enter another building which contains art work and models from all the films



You end up at a large model of Hogwarts School, and then exit through the gift shop. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will love this place. It is expensive to buy merchandise. Its a nice trip for fans of the films.

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