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The Hawaiian Islands is another place I would love to visit in the future. For me this would be a mixture of beach and nature. I can see us relaxing on the beautiful beaches but also hiking and exploring what the islands have to offer.

We would take a tour of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  That covers the eleven miles and circles the summit caldera of Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Worthwhile stops include Steam Vents, where you can watch steam rise from the Earth’s interior, and five hundred year old Thurston Lava Tube, a natural and walkable tunnel that once housed a violent river of molten lava. This would be an amazing experience, when are you ever going to see this !


Every year, more than 10,000 of these massive mammals call Hawaii their wintering ground, typically travelling two thousand five hundred nautical miles from Alaska to mate, give birth, and nurse their young. Hawaii is the only state in the nation where all three activities take place. And we would have to time our trip between January and March, the whales’ peak season.


I have always thought that I would add this to a stop over trip from or to New Zealand.  But I have also seen a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, decisions, decisions. I can not wait to visit !

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