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Another wanderlust trip is the South Pacific. I plan to do this trip for a special birthday. I plan to fly to Perth, Melbourne and then onto Brisbane. But what I then can not decide about, is whether to cruise or island hop around the South Pacific islands. I found this cruise with Princess Cruises that I like the look of. And the beauty of this, after travelling and exploring two areas in Australia, a cruise might be a nice rest before further exploring in New Zealand and so on. But I have since found out that on a cruise, you do not get any passport stamps, which I like collecting. It will depend how I feel when I book this special trip.


Taking in these beautiful places, this is Isle Of Pines in New Caledonia.

south pacific

This is Vanuatusouth pacific

And this is Suva in Fiji

south pacific

And after my stay here, I would catch a flight to Auckland and explore New Zealand. But that will be another wanderlust post !

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