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I would love to return to Canada to see more. I have previously visited Toronto and Niagara Falls but there is lot more to Canada than this. I would fly to Halifax and make my way to Prince Edward Island. I had read Anne Of Green Gables as a child, and recently saw the Netflix new adaptation Anne and I would just like to explore this island.


And I would like to explore Nova Scotia, as Halifax is dominated by the star-shaped Citadel, is known for its lively waterfront and Victorian-era Public Gardens. And this sounds like a perfect spot for the summer months.


I would also love to visit Lake Louise, a hamlet in the Banff National Park. Named after the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta , the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.


And I would also like to visit Vancouver but I am not sure to combine this with Seattle or Hawaii. There are lots of options to add this city to a trip.


Winnipeg is another city that I would love to visit, There is Assiniboine Park Zoo where you can find gorgeous snow leopards.


And it would be a dream to get to Churchill in the far north of Manitoba. This would have to be in the winter period as it’s best known for the polar bears that inhabit the area. And the area also offers wintertime Northern Lights visibility. So it looks like this will be two separate trips !


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