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Today I am sharing my travel home pieces  When I first started going on trips, I would bring back one or a few things. And when we brought our home, we brought by accident or course, things related to travel.

Bedroom Pieces

This is by first globe. I fell in love with the colours of black and silver as you did not find this often.

This is a huge wall sticker which when I get the chance will be adding all my personal photos – those pictures that are for me and not my blog and I have a lot to add.

Hall Gallery

We have made our hallway wall into a mini photo gallery of our favourite photos from our trips. It is lovely to look back at those special places.

Lounge and Dining Room

This clock I found by accident, I was out one day and there it was. I sent a photo to my husband and he had no idea how big it was. And I love that it has a vintage map as the background.

These photos are from Peter Lik, and are all from the Whitsundays. We brought them back from Australia in 2005. They are some of my favourite pieces. And I also have some of Peter Lik Coffee Books. If I ever won the lottery I would buy limited edition pieces of my favourite photos and they are so expensive.

This is my second globe that lives in the lounge/dining room. I love the colour of it.

Office/Third Bedroom

This is a shelf in our office, perfect for storing the sunhats, sunglasses and any other bits in those lovely suitcases. There is nothing worse in my opinion in losing things because you have not found them a home. I am still looking for bits and pieces that I know are in my house somewhere.

This is my original travel wall that I started when the room was finished in 2010. Another wall sticker but smaller and these are my ten year annual prints from

And every travel blogger that I know has been gifted one of this a scratch world travel map !

I am thinking of finding all my brought travel pieces, things I have brought in various countries to remind me of my time there.

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