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Things I like to do when I am not travelling, I normally am working full time. But for my ‘me time’ is the following;



I love Netflix and Amazon Prime. I just love streaming box sets at the weekend. I try and hold off  watching weekly episodes of my favourite television shows and watch them over a weekend. I just prefer to see the whole lot in one go. I am also hoping that one day movies will be streamed the same day as the cinema gets them and I would pay a premium to avoid the cinema. I just have started to hate it and only go if there is a film I really want to see and lately it is less than ten movies a year !



My amazon kindle currently holds over seven hundred books. I love to read so much. And I do this all the time. Before the kindle came out, I remember packing my husbands suitcase with about six to ten paperbacks. I am pretty sure that he loves it like I do. I read every evening and even when travelling whether that is a train, plane or boat.


marc marquez

And in the last few years I have got interested in MotoGP thanks to my motorbike mad husband and I am a big fan of Marc Marquez. We were lucky enough to meet him a few years ago and he was so nice. The races run through the year and I love watching them !

Strictly Come Dancing

strictly come dancing

And in the autumn I love watching BBC Strictly Come Dancing. Every year I apply for tickets as my friend went to the live show and said it was a unique experience. I too would like to do this. Hopefully I will get tickets one day !

Disney And Marvel Movies


disney marvel

I love Marvel and Disney movies, will always watch them. I just really enjoy them. So there are my things that I like to do when I am not travelling and exploring this wonderful world of ours. That after all is my number 1.

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