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So my last weekend break and it is Madrid. Somewhere where I have wanted to visit for years. In one of my favourite countries in the world, Spain. Another early start from Stansted airport. We were meant to fly out at 6.25am but did not leave up gone 7am. Yet we arrived in Madrid at 10am as stated. I felt so sick that I could not even eat the breakfast brought for me.

We love travelling on public transport, and we took the Metro from the airport. It cost us ten euros and it was just over an hour. Luckily for us, our room was ready so we dropped our bags off and went off to explore.

Straight off to find the Egyptian Temple of Debod, originally built in Egypt, and dismantled and reconstructed in Madrid.

Then went to the Royal Palace of Madrid, the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family, and centrepiece for State ceremonies.

As this just after the Barcelona attacks, I did notice a strong police presence across the city.

This is close to the Opera which is a beautiful building.

Then onto Grand Via,  which is Madrid’s equivalent to London’s Oxford Street.

We ate at the famous Chocolatería San Ginés for your churro fix, open 24 hours a day. The hot chocolate was so rich and I could only eat half of my order of Churros.

Plaza Mayor was next on our list it was big and full of children and was it getting very hot.

We was very lucky with the weather over this long weekend. It was over thirty degrees and sunny every day. Good for my vitamin d levels, but the early start did make my husband sleep better than me. The next day we headed to Buen Retiro Park for a walk. And found these adorable tortoises.

It was so beautiful there, but I was disappointed to not be able to go inside the Crystal Palace. A art exhibition was being set up so it was closed.

We attended a bullfight, which will be my next post. I love Spain, I can imagine spending a lot more time here. It is starting to feel like home.


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