I have always wanted to visit a bullfight and this trip we seemed to be in the right place at the right time. The bullring in Madrid in one of the biggest and grandest I have ever seen.

My husband was not keen but I was so excited. I asked for the cheapest tickets, this was due to the fact that we had just come off an ten hour tour, we had not eaten much and we were both tired. I was not sure how long I would last for. Our tickets were up on the third floor at the very top but did cost 3 Euros each. I did notice that the fight had already started and the bullring was not very busy with people.

To watch was fascinating, I had studied Spanish at A-Level and one of the modules was about the bullfight. The costumes were so grand.

But as the fight went on, I started to dislike the torment of the bull. And by the end, I could not even watch the killing of the bull. I decided to leave as they were clearing the ring.

I am not promoting or condemning the Spanish bullfights. I believe is your own decision, if you want to attend a bullfight. I am pleased that I finally experienced this historic Spanish sport. I will never watch one again.

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