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This is our Andalusia road trip this year. My husband is going back to the Almeria circuit track with his friends. He did this last year, and we drove to Murcia and Almeria.  So I thought about exploring more of southern Spain. I am flying into Malaga. But we are staying in an apartment which is on the coast. But I am hoping to explore Malaga and Granada next year.


So after being picked up at the airport, we are driving along the coast to stay in El Faro.

We are driving to the city of Ronda to find this.

Then onto Gibraltar and climbing the Rock ! Looking forward to seeing the monkeys and see how vicious they are !


Then onto Cadiz.


Then driving down to Jerez.


Then we end in one of my favourite cities in the world.I first went to Seville and stayed with one of my friends and her family. And again, I was a very early solo traveller and I was only nineteen, I left my boyfriend (now husband) and family at home. I am so looking forward to seeing familiar sights.


Spain is one of my favourite countries in the world. Travelling there in the winter is good for my rheumatoid arthritis especially in the Andalusia region. I hope to try and get to Spain every year. I am now trying to choose between a road trip around Malaga and Granada, Bilbao and Santander, or Barcelona, Girona and Andorra for our next trip. Decisions, decisions !

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