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I last flew with Ryanair in 2004 to Venice and vowed never to fly with them again. I had seen over various media reports that they were going to try to improve on their bad reputation and hidden charges. But I was still not convinced. My husband started to use this brand last year travelling to his motorbike track days in Spain in the winter and had mentioned he had no problems. So as we were concentrating on Europe, they came out as the cheapest airline for Morocco, Hungary and Romania. The flights were booked.


Arriving at the plane I was worried, I had such a horrible time back in 2004 and I do not seem to forget things like that. But although the plane looks the same – it did feel better. Time with tell with the next two flights !


But the best feeling I always get is seeing this view. This is when I am always at peace.


I am pleased to report that I would fly with Ryanair again but only if I really had to. I love flying from Stansted which is only 20 mins from my home. But I much prefer British Airways and Easyjet.

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