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For the first time, I am going to set myself personal goals. This past year and my illness/chronic condition has made me evaluate my life.

Organised At Home

  • File paperwork when it arrives
  • Food shop better and cook better
  • Sort bedrooms out
  • Clear out rubbish
  • Sort shelves in bookcases
  • Over pay the mortgage as soon as back to work


  • Book relaxing breaks and have 1 day at the hotel resting !
  • Do not overbook yourself through the year – with redundancy a good chance I could book lots of trips and wear myself out !

Self Care

  • Relax and rest more – take into account your RA – I know I need at least eight hours sleep a night
  • More fruit and vegetables – I always struggle with this – thinking smoothies might be a way to do this
  • Eat less sugar – no idea how I am going to do this, as I love my chocolate
  • Eat less red meat – it is believed that red meat is a prime cause of inflammation and a cause of RA
  • Exercise taking into account your RA
  • Social Media Detox
  • Paint your nails – I missed this so much last year
  • Do things that make you happy !


  • Return to reading
  • Re-read your favourite books
  • Clear our books you are never going to read – space !

Will I achieve any of these goals, to be honest I do not know. I do need to change my lifestyle. The last twelve months have been eye opening for me. I need to make changes and hope too. I need to take better care of myself !





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