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Only Curls London was my first find on my curly journey. When I went to my local hairdressers, they recommended this brand to me. I had already purchased the travel sizes. But had not got around to trying them out.

Curly Hair Products

When I first tried these products I was not impressed. It is a four step process

  • All Curl Cleanser
  • All Curl Conditioner
  • Hydrating Curl Creme
  • Enhancing Curl Gel

I am too old to do the exact curl girl method, and with my rheumatoid arthritis body, some days that does not work too. But after the third wash I think, I was actually enjoying what these products did to my curls. They were more curly, more curly for longer, my curls felt better. Maybe I have found the right cleaning and styling products for them.



I brought the micro fibre towel, and again was very impressed with this drying. My curls were less frizzy. And I was so impressed with this. I would recommend this to anyone with curly hair. It has been suggested you could use a t-shirt but I just prefer this micro fibre towel. And I will never go back to a normal towel.

Then I brought a sleep turban to see if this would also work on my curls. Regular cotton pillowcases zap moisture from your hair and roughen up the cuticle. This creates dryness, frizz and disrupts the curl pattern. Satin absorbs significantly less, leaving moisture levels intact. And to my surprise, the first time I used this, the next day, my curls looked like the day before. I was so impressed.

The following came from an email from the brand during Black Friday –

♥ Only Curls launched in 2016. The business started with a small investment of £500 (from Lizzie’s own savings) that was invested into our first sample run of the Curly Towel.

♥ All our orders were packed at our kitchen table up until 2019.

♥ After 20 years of failing to find the perfect products for her curly hair, Lizzie set about creating her own. The criteria: lightweight yet hydrating products, that created lovely bouncy curls that weren’t weighed down, crunchy or sticky.

♥ The products received rave reviews and a surprise article in the National Press, featuring some amazing before and after shots, took our business to a new level. The story went viral and after this we continued to sell out of every batch we created!

♥ We are still a family owned and family run business today. We’ve re-invested everything into new stock to meet rapidly increasing demand.

♥ Bottles, labels and ingredients are all sourced from UK suppliers. Our batches are mixed and bottled in the lovely British Countryside.

♥ All our bottles are bio-plastic and made from the bi-product of sugarcane, which means they have a lower carbon footprint than other plastics, while still being fully recyclable.

♥ We are stocked in lots of lovely small salons across the UK.

I would recommend this brand to anyone with curly hair, try it and see if it makes a difference to your curly hair. It certainly made a big difference to mine.




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