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While I was in Russia, I came across Mrs Hinch on instagram stories. I hate cleaning with a passion, but Mrs Hinch make me want to clean and that is shocking to me. But she does make it fun. So I decided to overhaul my cleaning stash and brought a few #hinchhauls

mrs hinch mrs hinch

I even went to meet her at Savers in Witham. She was there to open the store and she was so nice. She is exactly what she is like on her instagram stories. She even now has a contract for This Morning to continue to share her cleaning hacks with the UK.

mrs hinch

I sorted my under the sink cupboard and then started gradually cleaning and decluttering. I can not do a lot as my hands and legs are suffering most days. My medication is not working as well as it should but I am doing a little bit each day.

mrs hinch

I am hoping to have a big declutter and clean to make my life easier to manage. If I get it cleaned it will be easier to keep on top of things. This is what I plan to do while I have a break from travelling to see if my new rheumatoid arthritis medication works better than what I am currently on. Mrs Hinch home is lovely but for me it is too pristine. I do not want my home to look like that. This is her product list that she calls her ‘must haves’ but I am not buying everything. I have added a few pieces but I want to use up other things first.

mrs hinch mrs hinch

The one item I would like to try is the Minky anti-bacterial cleaning pad which has become like gold dust and is sold out everywhere, thanks to her. She has named most of her cleaning products, she has Dave (Pledge fluffy duster starter kit), Buddy (Spontex microfibre kitchen kit), Pinkeh (Minky extra thick super absorbent sponge wipes) and Vera (Vileda 1-2 Spray mop). You just have to watch her instagram stories. She makes cleaning fun. The products are considerably cheap as most of them cost £1 but because of Mrs Hinch’s recommendations, many are selling out, or going on sale online at massively inflated prices due to the high demand.

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