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I booked my visit to the Eiffel Tower, the day before I arrived in Paris. This was a mistake, as I was unable to book to go to the top of the tower. This was already sold out. Very easy to book online and I would suggest this for anyone wanting to visit Paris. And each time I walked pasted the Eiffel Tower, there was queues to get in. No matter what time of day. And if you do pre-book, you get preference against the queue. You walk straight passed them and get in the lift. This takes you to the second floor. To go to the top floor, you get another lift.



I am not disappointed that I could not get to the very top of the tower as the views from the 2nd floor were amazing. There were souvenir shops, snack shops, what you would expect. We walked from the second floor to the first floor. I had no idea how high, we actually were. If I visit the tower again, I will be using the lift. We did get in the lift on the first floor and you can get some great pictures on the way down from the glass doors.


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