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Netflix for me this year in 2017 has been a life saver. I have been introduced to so many good shows while I have been signed off since February with my illness.

In February I started with Riverdale which I liked and now in the autumn I am now watching the second season, I am  just not a fan of having to wait each week for a new episode. I like binge watching so much now.

In March, I watched Stranger Things and did not see the hype about it and was not that fussed about the second season. But I  after watching it on the day it was released, I just feel in love with it. I ended up watching both of them, season one and season two back to back again. And it is currently one of my favourite. Those child actors in this are so talented!

Another show, I was pleased to find was Anne With An E. This is adaptation of the Anne Of Green Gables book series. I loved this when I was younger and this was very enjoyable.

Something completely different was Mindhunter. A show about serial killers and this was fascinating. I can not wait to see more of this, another new favourite !

Something else I would recommend is Thirteen Reasons Why, so thought provoking and so sad. It will be interesting to see where this goes in its second season.

And the Marvel shows this year, were not bad. The reviews were terrible but I do believe that you should watch for yourselves. I did not mind them. I got through Iron Fist, The Defenders and The Punisher.

We have always enjoyed the series Narcos. And have been watching this show for the last couple of years. The third season introduced the Cali Cartel.

It was a goodbye to the last seasons of Person Of Interest and Orphan Black

And I just finished the last two seasons of The Vampire Diaries which was bittersweet. Really enjoyed catching up with this show.

The true stories in I Am Jane Doe and The Keepers are shocking and disturbing. It is such a pity what happens to the people in these shows.

We watched these shows and were not that good and they are now cancelled, The Getdown and Girl Boss.

We have literally just got through four seasons of Power.

And we keep talking about Peaky Blinders, we just have not got round to starting this, but we both want to.

And that is just the television. I have so enjoyed these shows while signed off and ill at home.

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