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My wheat detox was over a six week period. I found out that I had a wheat flour intolerance the day before my birthday. And I thought why not just start it then. So no eating any of my favourite things except my fillet steak dinner at home that day made an interesting birthday. I was going to not eat wheat products for six weeks. This is some of the items, I found in my cupboards when I looked at all the ingredients. Food that I am no longer able to eat. Wheat has been in all three of my different cereals, my snacks, my lunch food like sandwiches and some dinner items. I was actually shocked by the number of items that I found. And I am really going to miss fresh white bread.


Doctors Advice

I was only going to stop for six weeks. My husband disagrees with me and said that as my level of intolerance is so high. Then I will not go back to ever eating anything with wheat inside. I also had an hospital appointment, the day after my birthday. My rheumatologist wants me to try a six week detox and see how I feel. Then gradually try eating different wheat foods and see how it affects me. I will been going to all the supermarkets and buy various gluten and wheat free items that I would like. I was already very fussy with food my husband told me at the start of the detox.

Macdonalds Allergy Book

After the hospital appointments, we also always go to Macdonalds afterwards. There are two Macdonalds on the motorways between our home and the hospital in Newmarket. This time, I just had the beef burger meat and did not eat the bun. I normally have a plain hamburger. I did say that I am fussy with food. I asked the waiting staff if they had any paperwork about allergies. She handed me a book to read and asked me to return when finished. It was very informative. I can drink hot chocolate, and have ketchup with my burger in the future. I was pleased to read this. And this did make me feel a bit better. I can always eat at Macdonalds.


The Wheat Detox

Within three days I could feel differences in my body. My inflammation was high in both elbows, my left wrist and knee and my fingers started to tingle. Later on, my tummy ached so much. I was expecting this but it was horrible to experience this. Then the lightheadedness and nausea kicked in. But this is detox and it was not going to be easy on the body. I have eaten wheat my whole lifetime, and this is a big change and it will take time to get used to this. And I started to lose weight about 1-2 lbs a day. And my bloated belly started to slowly shrink. I did research things to get through this. And a few blogs said to take a pro-biotic. And this one was mentioned a lot. So I brought some and took them. Within two weeks, my tummy aches disappeared. And I also think it has helped my sleep patterns too. And with my lower immune system. This one states it is good for both my digestive and immune systems. You can buy it from here.



I went to Belgium during my detox.  My inflammation was high in my body and we had discussed if we should have cancelled but we went ahead. I found it very challenging seeing sights like this. You could smell these waffles and crepes everywhere. And I also could not eat the Belgian chocolate either. It was a shame but nothing I could have done about it.

And I also went to Russia, but this time, I took some food with me. Just so that I would not go hungry trying to explain that I can not anything with wheat in it. As Russia was top of my travel list, it did wonders for me. I laughed nearly every day, we had a great group of people and I was just so happy to be there. So I am thankfully through my wheat detox but still adapting to the new food I have to eat. I also hate having to travel to multiple supermarkets to get items that I like but that is my new life.

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