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My next five years of travels. This is problematic, and not defiant plans but hopes. My health is still an issue and long haul is out. My body can not cope with that anymore at the moment. These are the countries still on my list that I hope to visit

  • Estonia
  • Cyprus
  • Tunisia
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Cape Verde
  • Andorra

But can I cope with even short haul flights, that would be the question. I do not want to visit every country in the world. I would just like to see certain countries before I get too old and even more infirm to travel. Just having rheumatoid arthritis is challenging in more than one way. This also depends on money. Until I get a job, I can not afford to travel. So I will be looking for cheap deals and sunshine. I have no intention of booking a deal if it is the wrong time of year. I will also need to make sure that I put in rest days, travelling takes so much energy out of me and that is something I have noticed. I also can not travel alone anymore. It is not too bad, travelling one way on my home. But the whole trip might be too much for me. So lets hope that I am able to do these countries in the next five years.

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