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My Curly Girl Hair Journey is continuing. Last year I decided to try and get this out of control. Looking for better treatments and better managed. I also started to try out some satin and silk pillowcases. The 100% silk fabric absorbs less moisture than a regular cotton pillowcase, reducing frizz and ensuring that hair and skin is kept hydrated and healthy during the night. I still use the silk turban, and both these products meant my curls last for longer.

You have to be careful when you have cats. My gorgeous girl sleeps with me all day and most of the night. So this was put away until I would be going to sleep. Winter made my hair very coarse, and dry. My medication also started to thin my hair too. And I started to lose quite a bit. So after advisement from my hospital nurse. I stopped taking it and go back to another drug. I stopped using the Aveda Be Curly in late December.

I tested the brand Noughty I was after travel sizes. And could only find the Intensive Care range is this size. I used the intensive care shampoo and leave in conditioner first and it worked so well on my hair. I was so impressed. I then brought a full size of it. My scalp was getting itching so I tried the Care Taker shampoo and this soothed it down. I use this shampoo in conjunction with clarifying one. All these three shampoos I will buy again. They all worked so well on my hair and scalp.

Umberto Giannini Banana leave in conditioner was next used and my hair did not like it. I think that it was due to be more a moisturising product when my hair likes protein. And it also made my scalp itchy. So after two weeks, it was more than enough. The same with the  Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food shampoo and Nourishing Hair Food treatment mask in Banana that had caught my eye one day in Boots. Gave them away to family.

Hair Cut

In late April, I finally had a haircut. I have not had my hair cut for over seven months. Three appointments were cancelled due to the UK lockdown which started in Essex a lot earlier in November right through to March. I asked about the condition of my hair, I wanted to know if using products were having an impact. She told me, other than the ends needing cutting off, it need a little hydration. I asked for layers, some face shaping and a lot was cut off. Next time in the autumn, I think I will not go as short again. But will see how I go. The cut made my curls look better.

Then I tried the Complete Discovery Collection from Boucleme. A Curl Cleanser that is a non-foaming cream based cleanser for gentle cleansing without stripping, leaving curls hydrated and moisturised. Hydrating Cleanser is a mild low lather cleanser, for weekly or a monthly deeper cleanse without upsetting the scalp’s natural moisture balance. Curl Conditioner is an ultra moisturising conditioner that penetrates the hair shaft and rebalances moisture. Can be rinsed out for fine hair, or partially to completely left in for thicker hair. I used this as a leave in one. Curl Cream is a “moisture booster” nourishing leave-in cream to create soft, shiny and well defined curls. Can be used on wet hair or dry hair. Curl Defining Gel is a light textured smoothing medium hold gel for all day frizz control and incredible definition. These were all too moisturising for me. I will not repurchase anything from this range in the future.

I went back to finish off the Noughty Collection that I have.

Not all of these worked mind you. So far, I would only repurchase the following

  • To The Rescue Shampoo
  • Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner
  • Care Taker Shampoo
  • Detox Dynamo Shampoo

I have not got around to using much of the other products. I will not repurchase Thirst Aid, To The Rescue Serum or To The Rescue Treatment. These three products did not work for me. I still have the wavy line and the 1 Hit Wonder to try in the new year.

And I finally got my hands on the Only Curls London winter hats. I am so impressed with these. The wool is so soft, and I am thinking of getting a couple more. The colours of green and red go well with my winter coats.

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