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Multi purpose serums is what I am after. I like the idea of paying more for serums which do more than hydration. I had three in my stash to compare from Deciem, Beauty Pie and AHC. The fourth from Apothaka, I know that my skin loves this and this will always be in rotation.

Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Lipopeptide Serum

A miracle-serum for super glow-y, dewy, healthy-looking skin. With three weights of Hyaluronic Acid, plumping Polysaccharides, Pro-Ceramides and gravity-fighting Super Peptides, this is GENIUS in a bottle. This was £16.80 for 50ml, but you have to be a member of Beauty Pie or you pay £60.

AHC Hydrating Essential Real Eye Cream for Face

Hydrate and rejuvenate tired under eyes with the AHC Eye Cream. This nourishing formula utilises ultra-fine micro emulsion technology to enable the effective delivery of ingredients to the skin, optimising efficacy. The multipurpose formula can be used under the eyes or over the entire face to deliver maximum skincare benefits. This cult favourite Korean formulation is designed to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while supporting collagen production to naturally firm and plump the under eyes for a youthful-looking visage. A restorative blend of vitamins and peptides revitalises and nourishes to restore a natural radiance. The rich yet easily absorbed texture helps to lock in moisture for a plumped, dewy complexion. This is expensive for 30ml of £26.

SubQ Skin

For multi-depth rehydration and reduction in the look of lines and irregularities. A highly active concentrate of advanced hyaluronic complexes, next-generation peptides and biotechnologies to target rehydration, while improving the look of lines, wrinkles and textural damage. I really like this, it costs £18 for 30ml. The only I do not like is the dropper bottle, so if I buy again I will add the NIOD pumps.

Apothaka Barrier Repair Serum

With 5% niacinamide, ceramide complex & hyaluronic acid. This clear, hydrating serum is designed to support, protect and replenish the skin barrier, allowing it to maintain its optimal hydration balance and keep skin healthy. Silicone, oil and alcohol free, with a weightless gel texture, this layers perfectly under a moisturiser. It is £39 for 30ml, so is expensive. But my face loves this. Especially when I had a damaged skin barrier or when I have an infection and my skin is very sensitive.


I would buy all of these again. These all worked well on my skin, all year. I will probably have these on rotation, and buy when the price is right. My perimenopause, rosacea skin liked them all. I would recommend them to anywhere looking for a multi purpose serum.

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