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When I knew I was visiting Mauritius, I knew that I wanted to see as much as I possible could. But I also wanted time to rest and relax as I have lots of illness since Christmas. So I booked, four tours for a ten night stay – which I thought was a nice combination. The first tour I took was to discover the North region of Mauritius.

So I was unlucky with two things, one the day I picked was Chinese New Year, so that meant that Fort Adelaide (La Citadelle) and the shops were closed in Port Louis and we had terrible torrential rain. But what can you do.

These are the views from outside of the Fort Adelaide. The Fort was built in a very strategic location on higher lands of Port Louis at 240 feet above sea level. The construction of Fort Adelaide started on 1832 and completed after almost ten years. Fort Adelaide offers a vast panorama on Port-Louis and its harbour. The British built this fortress in fear of a civil war from the remaining French settlers on the island and also for the purpose of guarding the harbour against enemy attacks.


These are a few photos from the Port Louis waterfront area. I would imagine, that in nicer weather, it would be a nice spot but as the markets and shops were closed there was not much to see or do there.

Port Louis

We then went on to the ‘Adventure Of Sugar’ which was the history of sugar that Mauritius produces. This was really interesting, as I am addicted to this stuff. The Sugar estate and Museum located at the North West of Mauritius stretches over 5000 square meters. In the estate we learned the profound effect and the key part of sugar in the history and identity of Mauritius.


The best thing we did was visiting the SSR Botanical Garden which was such a beautiful, peaceful place. This is where I got to meet some deer and tortoises. The SSR Botanical Garden is home to an incredible variety of tropical plants, many of them indigenous. The Botanical Garden is one of the most visited sights in Mauritius. It was first opened as a private garden by the French governor of Mauritius nearly 300 years ago. The botanical garden stretches over endless acres of land and it can take you more than a week to cover the whole garden. The garden is populated with more than 650 varieties of plants among which are the famous Baobabs, the palmier bouteille, the giant water lilies, dozens of medicinal plants, 85 different varieties of palms, a big spice garden and many more.


I booked this tour via and would recommend them if you were visiting Mauritius.

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