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When I booked my trip to Bangkok, my travel agent suggested that a visit to the Rose Garden would be a fun thing to do. I had no idea so just agreed. I had no idea what to expect to see and do. And thought after a month in Australia, and this was a night visit – we could just relax and watch. You see performances of Thai dance, martial arts, and traditional ceremonies. Each day, over 150 performers take to the stage to entertain audiences with a variety of activities from Thai cultural heritage. The 60-minute action-packed show also features demonstrations of Thai marital arts, including Thai boxing and sword fighting.

You see a traditional Thai wedding ceremony, and the ceremony of ordination into the Buddhist monk-hood. You watch traditional performers entertain you with dances from various regions of Thailand, including the rhythmic Bamboo Dance, the graceful Fingernail Dance, the Kala Dance, and the joyful Yoev Dance. You’ll also see elephants at work performing tasks that they normally do in the forests of northern Thailand.

rose garden

rose garden

rose garden

rose garden

The Rose Garden Thai Village is often associated with Bangkok but is in fact located outside the capital, in Nakhon Pathom Province. This charming old city is found 50 kilometres west of Bangkok and takes around one hour to get there, depending on the traffic.








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