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Egypt is one of my favourite countries, and this was my first visit to Sharm El Sheikh. This was a package booked through First Choice. I booked to go to Egypt for my birthday in August. How mad is that. Egypt is a very hot country and in the summer it hits 40 degrees. But getting to the hotel, I didn’t think this a five star hotel. The food was not bad, but we did have a lot of building work going on next door. I managed to sprain my ankle the second day in. So the most, I could do, was spend time around the pool, beach and eat. Coming to the end of the week, we tried to see how we got on trying scuba diving.  I was not a fan, going to stick to the snorkelling that we both enjoy. Egypt in August was too hot. It was over forty degrees each day.

I would return to Egypt in a heartbeat. If you want to book a similar package holiday you can find lots of their website For me, I am not sure package holidays are in my future. I am going to look at book independent trips. Sharm El Sheikh was lovely but not sure if I would return, there are other places in Egypt that I would like to explore.

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