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On a recent trip to London, I met a friend, who had suggested a walking tour around Brick Lane and Spitafields. So these are the images from our walking trip. She met me at London Liverpool Street and we walked through East London.

walking tour

We walked pasted Spitalfields Market when was just opening up for the day.

I just loved this painted doors down this street.

And the following is some of the street art that we can across.

We walked down to Katherine Docks and found lots of boats !

And walking past the Tower Bridge and the Tower Of London, we came across this statute. We both had never seen him before !

I remembered that there was a Gourmet Burger Kitchen at Spitalfields and I suggested that we eat there. And this time I was making sure that I got a photo from this place. When I am in London, I eat at Gourmet Burger Kitchen frequently. But as I love this food, I normally have eaten it before I have got a photo.

It was a lovely introduction to East London. We are hoping to return to the Cereal Killer Cafe in Brick Lane, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium and the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch.

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