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As I was spending my birthday in London this year instead of abroad I knew that I wanted to eat at Hawskmoor again. This is only my second visit to the brand. But a new site, this one is the Seven Dials restaurant found not far from Covent Garden tube station. It is on the road opposite the Aspinal Of London Store. That was where I went first.

hawksmoor seven dials

Again, we were an hour early, but they accommodated us and downstairs we went.

hawksmoor seven dials

I did not get any good photos of the inside so again here is a press one.

hawksmoor seven dials

Now when it came to the menu we started to differ on which steak to share. My husband want to order a Porterhouse again but I was eyeing up the Chateaubriand. And as it was my birthday lunch, we order an 800g sliced Chateaubriand to share with some chips and sauce for the steaks.

hawksmoor seven dials

This was delicous and I loved it. It is not cheap at all. But for a special birthday – why not if you can afford it ! We are returning to Hawksmoor again in the New Year, as we would like to try another restaurant and try out their sunday roast !

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