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I now own a mobility scooter. I am in my early forties, and I really did not want this. But my chronic condition of rheumatoid arthritis is now in two legs. I started with one crutch in October 2017, and then two years later in October 2019, my right leg started getting bad. I struggled so much with two crutches. It felt that I was breaking even more inside. My husband was the one who mentioned that maybe that it was time to try a scooter. Where I live in town, there are so many of these mobility scooters, and I really did not want this. But we finally did buy one. It has made such a differences to my life. I can get to the library, the local shops and supermarket for supplies. But I have found that even a trip into the town centre, makes my fingers ache.

life with a mobility scooter

I do find it very cold being on this. So I have invested in some gloves. And I am thinking of getting a blanket for the many cold days we get in the UK. I do get some odd looks. But then, I do not care. I look so young and not my actual age. I can not get to any of the places I want to go to without it. It was hardly used in 2020, as I had to shield. Thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic. You really have to listen to your body. When is starts to break down like mine, you need to find things that work for you.

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