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Inflammatory bowel disease is my fourth autoimmune condition. I did read that once you get one autoimmune, you could get a few more. I can not believe this is my fourth after RA, Rosacea, Vitiligo.

This is what I have been suffering for at least four years, and it has taken that long to get diagnosed. My local doctor is so good for me, and he has been the one, who has sent me for blood tests, numerous stool samples over this time. He concentrated on colon cancer first and that was ruled out in February 2023. By June 2023, something has been found in one of my many stool samples.

Then he wanted to eat more gluten for a longer period of time and do more stool samples. So I have to make myself intentionally ill with stomach and bowel issues. What fun as you can imagine. But I know what I have to do and will just get on with it. I am looking forward to eating a bowl of Shreddies  with cold milk. I often look at it, and just wish that it was not 96% wheat. Brought a box and will eat it for breakfast and lunch until I get to sick. Let me tell you that it was so horrible and painful. I did enjoy my first bowl but eating it for a five months on and off and the pain I was in. It is not nice at all. Then at the end end of July 2023, a text message telling to make an appointment and then a telephone call the next day. Then an urgent referral to my local hospital again. Again back to Gastroenterology, where I last was in December 2022.

Summer 2023

The doctor I meant specializing in bowel issues. And he is such a nice doctor. I was referred for a camera down my body to see what is going on. And he has to apply to the local CCG to pay for the test.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Months later in late December, I read the letter that stated I had Inflammatory bowel disease and mild Crohn’s. So thankful that I have answers with what is going on inside. Now have to follow a low fodmap diet and see how that goes.

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