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How I lost two and a half stone without exercising. My weight rose so much due to the lockdown and months of having to shield during this due to being clinically vulnerable.  In my 20’s I was a size 10, and when I was working and walking home ever day, I was a size 12. But this went up to 14 when I got rheumatoid arthritis and when the inflammation went to my knees and ankles. I could not walk without aids, first the one crutch, then I had to use two crutches. I even had to buy a mobility scooter and I was not even forty five.  This came to a head this spring, when I ordered a size 18 pair of jeans and my doctor stated I need to follow a low calorie diet.

How I lost

I sent this jeans back and started to eat better. And I set myself goals to eat better and but in 2021 I was getting fed up and stop weighing myself. But I continued to follow the low calorie food that the doctor had directed me too. I am so fuzzy and have a lot of food intolerances.

  • I am wheat intolerant, but I do eat two small sizes of bread from Marks and Spencer’s. I buy a smaller farmhouse loaf, and I can only eat two slices of bread a day. Some days, I do no even eat bread.
  • I do not eat crisps I like popcorn and almonds.
  • I do not drink fizz anymore.
  • I do not eat or drink anything for twelve hours, except water. So after dinner from 9pm, I will only have water.


Either a banana, a Greek yogurt with coconut and vanilla, strawberry or cherry, marmite on toast with a glass of milk, berries and smoothies


Soup, Gluten Free Pasta, Pancakes


Sunday roast of either chicken or beef, casseroles, pie and mash, all with vegetables. Two nights in a week, no meat,


Ginger Nuts or Party Rings only three at one time once a day, fresh popcorn and a handful of almonds.

Forward fast to February 2021 and having an annual MOT health check, the nurse weighed me, and when she said what it was. I was a little shocked. I was down to a stone from my original goal from last summer. That was such a shock for me. I had lost two stone and four pounds in five months. I did not overdo it at Christmas. And I do not have a big appetite. I had no idea how I lost this weight, as I never noticed the difference in my clothing. As most of the first month of 2022, I was ill for four weeks of the month with various different winter bugs. I will continue eating like this, as I am not at my goal yet, but I am so close.

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