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We needed a hotel close to Heathrow and I found this one – The Heathrow Hotel Bath Road. This is opposite the airport. I had booked this early in the year as we have a early flight out of Terminal 5 and I wanted a nice journey to the airport. No early hours start that it would have been if we were travelling from our home in the east. We arrived early evening and parked in the underground car park. This has billed as a luxury hotel but it really isn’t. The Heathrow Hotel (previously the Arora) was originally an exclusive hotel just for airline pilots and cabin crew, but fortunately for you, the hotel has since opened up to the public. This means you get all the little inside perks the pilots enjoy; from a personal fridge to runway views in many of the rooms. Pilots, of course, need a good night’s sleep, so you’ll find triple-glazed windows blocking out all the airport noise. The Heathrow Hotel is less than 20 minutes from all terminals and closest to terminals 2 and 3.

Heathrow Hotel Bath Road

The best thing was the location. We did not sleep well in this bed at all. It was so uncomfortable and I would not return.

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