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Future travel plans when international travel is reopened. I have no idea when we will be allowed to visit countries again. These are firm goals, where I will visit


My mum and I are travelling to Northern Ireland first before crossing the border to travel around Ireland. Before taking a ferry from Dublin to Holy Head in Wales

future travel plans

South Korea

I have wanted to visit this country since 2019. I would like to travel to various cities but I may just be able to manage Seoul. Thankful that my friend Sara lives there and she said she would show me around. Perfect, and I can not wait to visit.

future travel plans


How could I not visit this country when a flight costs £68. Again to keep costs down, I will visit one city, either Osaka or Tokyo. I am really split down the middle. Or maybe even both.
future travel plansfuture travel plans

Southern Spain

One of my favourite friends lives in Australia, when she is allowed to leave. She wants to visit Southern Spain, Grenada and I will go across to see her. And this is also on my wishlist as this is beautiful.

future travel plans

Portugal And The Azores

My best friend and I have been talking about the Azores for years. For one reason or another it has never happened. But recently we discussed staying over in Porto first and then flying out to the Islands. This trip will be done.

future travel plans

These future travel plans all depends on my health, if I able to get a job. At the moment, with my latest rheumatoid arthritis medication failing. Its been so good for my mental heath for family and friends asking me to go places with them.  Lets all hope that this happens !

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