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I recently visited the re-opened Colchester Castle. It had been closed due to a four million upgrade mainly due to the National Lottery and in my opinion, money well spent. The first thing, you come across after entering is the Well, the only way that they were able to get fresh water.


The site of Colchester Castle was once home to the Temple to the Emperor Claudius who made Colchester the capital of Roman Britain in AD43. After its destruction by Boudica, the Normans recognised the significance of the location and chose it to build a Castle for William the Conqueror. This iconic landmark of Colchester has also been a Royal Residence, a jail and since 1860 has been in use as Colchester’s main museum, housing collections from prehistory to the Civil War.Colchester Castle is a Norman Castle and is grade 1 listed building.  The castle was ordered by William the Conqueror and built between 1069 and 1076.



We also had booked the additional vaults and roof tour, this lasted about 45 mins and you went down to the Roman vaults. Its is worth the additional cost and so informative. I will say though the steps down are very steep and you have very low arches to walk under.


And the route to the roof. Where on the stones, you can see some Norman grafitti –  a soldier against a soldier on a horse. And what looks like a flower, but is actually something that is warding off a witches curse.



I really enjoyed my time here. All information about getting to the castle can be found here.

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