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Friends Fest

I have wanted to visit the Friends Fest ever since it was announced but I always missed out on the tickets as they were always sold out ! This year, I got tickets. It was set at Hylands House in Chelmsford. So we drove and queued. Lucky for us, we had the first slot of the day. Friends is such a great show and if I ever feel down, I know if I watch this one, it will always make me laugh. I already know this.

Friends Fest Friends Fest Friends Fest Friends Fest

There was so much at the Friends Fest site, lots of places to eat that were named after places in Friends, you could dress up and have a wedding photo. You could recreate the credits if you have a group of six. I just wanted to see the two sets, both Joey and Chandlers and Monica and Rachel apartments. I really enjoyed seeing them. Having both sets of apartments was new this year, in previous years it had only been Monica and Rachel’s so I was lucky to see both.

If think if I moved back to an apartment/flat I would like to look like this. I just loved seeing these sets. And then we went to Central Perk, and it was so busy !

Pleased that I finally got here !

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