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I was not sure if I was going to post about my Emirates flight, as I knew that I would have so much going on from Mauritius. We left London at about eight pm and arrived in Dubai at about two thirty am. We then had a short wait for a couple of hours. We then went on one of the new A380s.  And to our surprise, we had been ungraded to business class. With a much welcome surprise – a flat bed. Which we both loved, as our sleep had been interrupted. So both of us just went off to sleep and we both said that we slept really well when not squashed in the economy seats that we normally use.

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Another benefit was the food. Served with a white table cloth with proper knives and forks. You really saw how the other half lived – if we had booked business class, this would have been over a thousand pounds each extra on our plane tickets.


And the entertainment was impressive too, but this was the same in the Economy class.


And I am not going to lie, the experience was amazing. But in the future, do I book Business class making sure I go on an A380 that Emirates and Oman Air have and not do an extra trip abroad instead. And there is a bar there too. I did not get any pictures though, so this is a stock image.


And you can just make out the Burj Khalifa from the window as we left Dubai.


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