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Up until this year the last budget airline I flew was in 2004 with Ryanair and after that experience I have vowed never to fly with them again. However, Easyjet has been mention a lot in my circles. So with us concentrating on Europe, they have been the cheapest airline to get us to Prague in August and Lisbon in September.


Well, it seemed very hectic at Stansted. We were lucky to get our flight – but that was our fault not Easyjet. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth this was. But this thought, was to change. England had experienced very bad weather the weekend we had gone away. We were due to fly out of Prague, in the evening. The BA flight has already been delayed. So we were aware of problems. So we waited and waited, the Easyjet to Gatwick came and went and that was meant to be after our flight. They did not update anyone waiting at the airport. We used our free internet, to find that they were delayed. This did not impress me. Why could they have not just told us. We had found out from the cabin crew, that each of their four flights that day had been delayed due to the weather and we were the last flight and delayed the most. Communication to me is important.


This was a much better experience. We were again delayed before leaving but that was by air traffic control. We had stayed at the Sofitel Gatwick again as it was an early flight out. From what I can remember, it a basic airline. You pay from you get – your seat. For two and a half hours, for us, it was fine. We took our tablets, as we know to entertain ourselves. I can remember feeling very cold – so for all flights in future I will be taking a long sleeve t-shirt.


I am not sure if I want to travel budget airlines in future. I think I would prefer to pay more and have a nice experience. In that I prefer to fly at times that suit us. Not getting back in the early hours of the morning.  That is my personal preference, I am flying with British Airways to Amsterdam in May 2015 Рthen I can really compare services.

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