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Disney 2018, there is so much going on in the world of Disney. I continued my Disney Classic Movie Challenge – see this post.


This year, I was hoping to return to Disney World at Halloween with my friend who has never been. Unfortunately, my health in the summer took a turn for the worse. So I did not make it. One day I will do this.


And this year Coco is out, this is set in Mexico and ‘The Day Of The Dead’ another experience that is on my bucket list. I just could not understand why we had to wait until January when most other countries got it in November the year before. Not good enough Disney ! I did enjoy though, it was visually outstanding !


Black Panther was so good. I really enjoyed this!


Avengers Infinity War I was not going to miss this and it was amazing ! I went to the cinema twice to see it. I can not wait to see the sequel.

Now Solo, A Star Wars Story, The Incredibles  2 and Christopher Robin were both disappointing for me. But you can not like them all.



Ralph Breaks The Internet was adorable. I just loved it.

I have brought a few items that are Disney related this year. Primark and Cath Kidston had a lot of items released this year.

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I could have brought so much more but a lot of travel and decluttering this year mean that I really only brought items that I loved or introduced other family members too. Disney will always be in my life and I just love the brand. And I can not wait for the movies next year, Captain Marvel, Dumbo, and Avengers Four. And who knows what products are going to be released next year. The retailers are finding out that so many people love Disney. These Christmas decorations were the last Disney item that I brought and I love them.

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