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Slotsholmen is known as the Island Of Power in Copenhagen. It holds the Government of Denmark and has  Christiansborg Palace which houses the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court of Denmark, the Prime Minister’s Office and the State Rooms of the Queen. Also located on the island are the most important ministries, the Danish National Archives, the Royal Danish Library, several museums and the historic buildings of the Christian IV’s Stock Exchange, the Chancellery and Christian IV’s Brewhouse.

We did not get to visit everything that was there. We started with the Royal Reception Rooms, not realising that we got there thirty minutes before they were closing. But the beauty of that was that it was pretty empty. And it was pretty impressive and I thought so beautiful.

Royal Recep

Another day we went back to see what else was open. This time we started with the Palace Chapel


Then we went on towards the Tower but there was a long queue, so we tried the Royal Kitchens which were closed. And then we headed towards the Stables.


These horses are called Kladrubers and are from the Czech Republic. The stables has 14-16 of them and they are beautiful and gentle.



I would recommend this area to visit, but you will need a lot of time. These visits took place over three days. And we tried to visit the Tower but it was closed on Mondays. It is somewhere everyone should visit in Copenhagen.

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